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Many times, cooks operate under the belief that serrated blades are one dimensional in character.

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The V-LO 9-inch is a sandwich and bread knife with Offset Blade.This 8-inch knife, made in Germany, is a good length for slicing through most any size of bread loaf, and the serrations grab and cut through tough crusts easily, all while treating the soft inside of the bread gently. Customer reviews: Wusthof Classic 10-Inch

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This is a high precision forged knife which is forged and manufactured from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel to give maximum strength and sharpness to the blades.The serrated blade easily cuts through even the toughest of crusts, try it on a baguette or bagel.

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Ideal for cutting crusts, great for thinner than usual slices and an effortless sawer. the pick of bread knives.The sheer variety of tools contained in this set should be enough to keep any cooking enthusiast happy.

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All of the Classic knifes are high quality, but this is one of my favorites.The included bread blade will be the proverbial hot knife through butter on any loaf, from the fluffiest white to the toughest levaines.After over 15 hours of research and testing, we think the Victorinox Fibrox Pro 10.25-Inch is the best serrated curved bread knife for most people.Bread knives with a serrated edge also yield perfect tomato slices without bruising or tearing the produce.

The Tojiro DP serrated bread knife in 215mm is a perfect knife for cutting through crusty and soft breads as well as other slicing applications.

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I replaced the wimpy little Wusthof Gourmet bread knife with this beast and what a difference.

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The list here will shine light on the best bread knife that you can get today.

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If you make your own bread, or buy specialty, artisan breads, a good bread knife is a necessity in your kitchen tool chest.

These smoother knives create extremely clean slices through a fresh loaf of bread while keeping your hands out of the way when steam erupts from a hot loaf.Offset blade keeps hands away from cutting board plus it allows more pressure to be applied to hard and thick foods.Find the potential customer reviews, amazing features and specifications of ORBLUE Stainless Steel Serrated Bread Slicer Knife by just one click.

This knife will do well slicing soft fruits and vegetables as well as meats.

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The extra hard steel is crucial in a serrated blade so that the serrations will stay sharp for the life of the knife without sharpening.

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